European Human Rights Moot Court Competition

Organized by the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) in cooperation with the Council of Europe, this competition aims to provide European law students a venue to further their knowledge in the field of human rights.

The Human Rights Moot Court Competition is held in different parts of the world and the European Law Students’ Association and the Council of Europe wanted to have a localized adaption where they can apply European court settings and legal procedures. This will also help them reach a wider audience within Europe and gain more interest and support for the human rights advocacy. Now, the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition is in its sixth year. Support has been strong from different partners from participating universities, non-government organizations, private companies, and other humanitarian organizations. They have all expressed their commitment to helping our law students develop their maximum potential especially in the field of human rights.

This official website will explain to you what the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition is all about, why we hold this competition, how you and your school can participate, who are qualified to join, important dates to remember, what to expect during the competition, the rules and guidelines participants need to comply with, and the prizes for the winning team.

The organizers of this competition would like to inform everyone that the judges for the contest are from reputable universities and public and private organizations who have been our partner through the years. Participation is open to all law students from countries which are members of the European Law Students’ Association and Council of Europe.

Expect the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition to be promoted all over Europe to encourage more participants from different member countries. Promotional materials are available on this website, websites of partner organizations, in our social media accounts, and educational magazines. Those who want to post the promotional materials on their respective campuses can directly download the resources or request for posters from the European Law Students’ Association’s main office. We encourage everyone to spread the word so that we can have more human rights advocates among our law students. Some of the preliminary portions of the contest as well as the final part of the competition will be televised and aired live on our Facebook page to give everyone the opportunity to support their favorite teams even if they are watching from their contemporary steel garage doors in Madison or any part of the world not only in Europe. This is in line with spreading awareness for our advocacy to advance human rights not only in our region but all over the world.

So, whether you are interested to join as a team in the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition or simply supportive of our human rights advocacy, feel free to browse through our page and be more informed about what happens in our court proceedings as we fight for the protection of human rights.
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The team from Erasmus University Rotterdam in Netherlands is this year’s winner the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition. The members of the team are Almers Berg, Alfons Appelo, Bass Adelmar, and team leader Dirix De Veen.

The team demonstrated strong potential right from the start. They drafted a proposal for the human rights case regarding the recent terrorist attacks in different parts of Europe.



Human rights are inherent in every person wherever he or she may be. These are basic truths that individuals hold on to to be assured of justice and equality in this world. Every person is entitled to these rights regardless of their nationality, sex, religion, culture, or ethnicity. Human rights are universal and indivisible. It is necessary to protect human rights to ascertain that every person lives according to a standard of living considered appropriate for humane conditions that would give them respect and dignity.

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